Diablo 2 [MF] – Item Drop Weights

When you have multiple uniques or sets of an item type, the item’s “weight” becomes a factor in how likely a particular one is going to drop – a good example of this being amulets, with some being far more common than others regardless of the actual number of amulet drops, these are the weights, based on the game files. To calculate the % chance of an item being picked, divide the weight of the item by the total weight of all items able to be dropped at that level.


Amulet(amu)Nokozan Relic2014
The Eye of Etlich520
The Mahim-Oak Curio1034
Saracen's Chance555
The Cat's Eye558
Crescent Moon558
Atma's Scarab560
Seraph's Hymn373
The Rising Sun573
Highlord's Wrath573
Mara's Kaleidoscope580
Manald Heal1520
The Stone of Jordan139
Dwarf Star1053
Raven Frost1053
Bul Kathos' Wedding Band166
Carrion Wind368
Nature's Peace377
Wisp Projector184
Mighty Scepter(weap63)Heaven's Light169
The Redeemer180
Phase Blade(weap75)Lightsabre566
Scourge(weap78)Horizon's Tornado572
Legendary Mallet(weap84)Stone Crusher476
Schaefer's Hammer183
Thunder Maul(weap87)Earth Shifter177
The Cranium Basher185
Spired Helm(armo81)Nightwing's Veil175
Veil of Steel177
Sacred Armor(armo85)Templar's Might882
Tyrael's Might187


BaseDropSet ItemWeightQlvl
Amulet(amu)Civerb's Icon713
Cathan's Sigil715
Angelic Wings717
Vidala's Snare719
Arcanna's Sign120
Iratha's Collar721
Tal Rasha's Adjudication126
Tancred's Weird727
Telling of Beads139
Ring(rin)Cathan's Seal715
Angelic Halo317
Cap(armo3)Infernal Cranium77
Sander's Paragon320
Crown(armo30)Iratha's Coil721
Milabrega's Diadem723
Belt(armo12)Hsarus' Iron Stay74
Hwanin's Blessing728
Heavy Belt(armo21)Infernal Sign77
Iratha's Cord721
Heavy Boots(armo9)Cow King's Hooves*720
Sander's Riprap720
Light Gauntlets(armo21)Arctic Mitts73
Iratha's Cuff721
BaseDropSet ItemWeightQlvl

To drop an item, the enemy must be able to drop from the Drop Table listed, and be at, or above, the same level as the Qlvl of the item.

* - Cow King's Hooves can only drop in Cow Level.

Amazon Basin ( https://www.theamazonbasin.com/wiki/index.php?title=Item_code )