Progress on Tactics Ogre Walkthrough

Recording issues are the main reason the PSX version of Tactics Ogre has been on hiatus for those wondering, now that I have things set up how I want them, I can get back into doing that (though I will need to do some things from scratch, I still have my initial notes) – obviously it’s easier to make notes postmortem from a recording – since I can pause while watching footage back, rather than documenting while trying to play (which is draining as hell).

That said, I do have rough pathing done, notes on how to obtain each of the characters for varied endings, etc. – even have an order of the 3 major branches to cover them… trick is testing theories on them all to make it more fluid for a final guide.

I may do a semi-casual playthrough prior to this on the channel… we’ll see if time allows.

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