June 2018

June 2018 will be a fairly normal month for the channel on the surface, with a couple new series started (and a few hopefully getting resolved). Since I had to push back the beginning of the “year project” by another month, due to Jury Duty and a few other obligations, that will also likely be starting this month (I’ll explain how I’m restructuring the “year project” to make it more manageable in another post, as well as how you can follow along).

I will be trying to do an update video for the month, since there’s several announcements I want to make – one being this website finally being active, the other being the VEDAGaming2019 “Sequelitis” update and information segment (you can find more info about it in the “Events” tab up top). I know I’m terrible about these things.

It is also worth noting that if you have a channel (yours or another), that you want promoted in my “Spread The Subs” campaign, be sure to mention it either on discord, in a video comment, or on a comment here – as that will help me add to the list of channels I cross promote (Spread the Subs is linking people to “friends of the channel, channels that inspire me, or channels I find interesting” – I generally favor smaller channels under 25k subs, but will link larger channels if they are applicable to the game being played)

I’ll be writing these posts in the 2nd or 3rd week of each month, and releasing them a week before the following month (this will give me time to write it out, and format things how I want, while still leaving some time for editing should it need to happen)

It is also worth noting that I am intentionally diverging my thumbnails – with an Event/Collab thumbnail, a Casual Thumbnail, and a new “guide thumbnail”, I will also likely be making a “News” thumbnail at some point in May to use for updates.

Continuing Series:

  • Lost Sphear – looks like it will continue into at least the 3rd week of the month, maybe slightly beyond for sidequests
  • Battletech – Will likely continue into July, maybe August
  • Pillars of Eternity II – Long as hell game, so will be on the channel for several months

New Series/Playthroughs:

  • Diablo 2: LoD, Season 3: “Pacifist Paladin” – Should start the first or second week of June, will be a real trial for me to continue though
  • Undetermined jRPG to follow up Lost Sphear (may put CSH in this slot, or record them side by side, depends on the amount of time I have)

Revived Series (to finish them):

  • Cosmic Star Heroine (Mid-June, Hopefully) – I’m so out of practice with this game, I’ll probably just bump it down to easy and beat it… crashes too much for me to consider a proper guide sadly 🙁
  • Hard West (End of June to mid-July) – I want to just finish this one off because we’re fairly close to beating it, while not super popular, I don’t see a point to not resolve it

Also working on some thumbnail concepts for when I start recording the guides – I’m going to use these regardless of whether it’s on the main channel or a dedicated secondary guide channel – just need to refine them… the first one completed (used Tactics Ogre as a template, though it likely won’t be the first game in the series):

Vital Stats (As of May 16, 2018):
youtube.com/alzorath : 2392 subscribers, 611k views.

No other channels to report on for this month (though I’m going to start doing that as the channel list grows – since I will have a ‘b-reel’ channel going up as I do test runs for the guides, and next year sometime we should have a channel set up for the “year project”)

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