Rough Version of Website Up

Just filling out a few posts to test out the layout I’m using for the site (decided to go the ‘less custom’ route unfortunately, since I really just don’t have the time to code the site from scratch… may add a proper forum in the future if we grow big enough, but for now it’s just comments on news pieces… )

What’s gonna be on here for gaming-content?

I plan to host the “milestone” stuff here when it comes to the casual gaming stuff, but I also plan to host proper gaming guides, reviews, etc. here as well to compliment the video content over on youtube… mainly since there are things that are better done in text than video 🙂 (and sometimes you can’t watch a video to get the info you need)

I’ll also likely do “work in progress” posts regarding guides and such so you can follow along with guide development – though there will be dedicated static pages for each finalized guide.

Other Stuff?

There will be other types of long content, updates regarding side projects, etc.  I will likely expand the front page in the future to include the art end of things, behind the scenes on project 365, and the like… though I will only add specific widgets for major groups of projects (like if I feel like doing welding for a week, it won’t get a category, but if I start doing art workshops? yea, they’ll get their own category).

I should also note, that, yes, I plan to have links to EVERY playlist on EVERY channel navigable from the top menu, I’m just working on organizing it in a sane manner… feel free to mention any ideas you have for organizing it better, kinda just winging it at the moment.