#VEDAGaming2020 (April 2020)

Completing VEDAGaming for a given year (minimum 15 videos), qualifies you to choose one game from the giveaway list on the discord – completing VEDAGaming while meeting the Challenge for the year, qualifies you for a second pick from the list. If we run out of games to giveaway (doubtful, since we’re currently over 100 games in the backlog), remainders will get first pick from next-wave games. All games (currently), are Steam keys unless otherwise stated, and the games in question are in no way endorsing, or endorsed by, the channel. (Games will be given away via Discord)

VEDAGaming is a challenge every April to show off and explore 30 games on your channel (Twitch/YT/Mixer/etc.) – VEDA standing for “Video Every Day April” (an old Youtube challenge that’s long past it’s prime, but a good excuse for exploring and showing off games).

Challenge: “Hindsight is 20/20” 
– Choose one “classic console” to cover ( Gen1-Gen6 Consoles – basically Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast, or earlier) -OR- you can choose PC under the condition listed below.
– Choose 30 games from that list to cover
– Some leeway given for “low-release” consoles, so feel free to pair them with others (3DO/Jaguar/etc. and Saturn/Dreamcast/etc. depending on region)
– If you choose PC, the titles must all have originally been published before 2010 (re-releases on sites like are fine)


Standard Mode:
30 games, 30 days.

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